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Patient on Scale
“My main goal was to lose weight. I was one of those people constantly dieteing and being hungry yet barely losing any weight. I became obsessive about food to a point it took all the joy from my life. Bela's holistic approach helped me to realise, how badly some of the areas of my life we talked about, were affecting my relationship with food. It actually helped me to stop blaming myself. Having understood what the root problem was, she helped me to put a plan of action in place and gave practical advice and tips on how to work on changing some of my habits.”

Kinga, Senior Marketing Specialist

“Bela helped me with my digestive issues I was suffering from for the past few months. I would experience a lot of discomfort what made me stressed and moody. It started affecting my work and relationship. Meeting with Bela was very educational experience, it helped me to undertand my body better. I knew I would need to change my diet but I was really surprised how small changes e.g. not only what but how I eat (I was always eating on the go), whether I drink with food, how I combine certain foods, she pointed out, made such a big difference.”

Kate, PA

Stomach Ache
Lazy Morning
“I sought Bela's advice with regards to literally being tired of being tired all the time. Her approach and advice was super helpful. She helped me to look at my daily routine differently. I did try to change things myself before but I would go back to my old habits. Bela helped me to believe I can do this without feelig anxious. Thank you!”

Rebecca, Customer Service Advisor

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