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Coaching Services 

Please find below the health coaching services I offer and projects I'm currently involved in. If you don’t see what you’re looking for or want to discuss alternative options, please get in touch.

Insurance Consultation

1-1 Coaching 

I offer structured programs and coaching sessions on nutrition, disordered eating patterns, maintaining healthy weight, habit change, mindset masterclass, health-friendly lifestyle. All of them are flexible and can be adapted depending on your  situation and needs.

Group Meeting

NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme

I am part of the NHS Healthier You project, delivering group courses in multiple locations across the North East of England. These courses cover essential topics such as nutrition, physical activity, and mindset for individuals diagnosed with prediabetes

Using a Smartphone

Corporate Wellness

I am in a collaboration with SoulBrite specialising in workplace wellbeing. As their partner, I support local businesses with creating an organisational culture of health - mental, physical and spiritual. 

Lifestyle counseling

1-1 Coaching Programs

Note: sessions are carried out over Zoom.

  • Reclaim Trust In Yourself & Your Body: Rewrite Your Food Story & Build Healthy Relationship with Food. 

  • Weight Wellness through Mindful Living: A Journey to Transformation.

  • Prediabetes - remission & diabetes 2 prevention.

  • ​Habit Hacking: The Complete Guide to Changing Habits.

  • Mindset Masterclass. 

NOTE: as part of my programs I provide support between sessions, via email/WhatsApp/SMS; tools, learning materials.

What to expect

Before the initial consultation, I'll request you to fill out a health coaching form. Additionally, in specific cases, I ask for a completed food and mood/food diary to be returned to me at least 24 hours prior to the first appointment.


Follow-up consultations, if needed, are generally four weeks after, where we will monitor progress and make any necessary adjustments. Further follow-ups are optional, depending on each individual situation, but some individuals find them beneficial. 

All my consultations include diving deep into:


  • Diet and your relationship with food – you will never look the same way at your food!

  • Developing unbreakable mindset

  • Understanding the habits that are holding you back from achieving your mental, physical and spiritual health goals

  • Exercise for overall health not just maintaining a stable weight

  • Your energy levels

  • Sleep quality & sleep hygiene

  • Stress management & how it impacts your body and mind

  • Role of the gut – what is your gut trying to tell you?

  • Metabolic health - what lifestyle related behaviours are affecting your blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.

And much more! Book your free discovery call to find out more and discuss alternative consultation options. 

Library Study Group

NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme

I am currently supporting NHS Healthier You Project - Diabetes Prevention Programme, which is behaviour change programme aimed at patients who have been identified as at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

I run coaching sessions with groups of up to 25 people in various locations across the North East of England. All sessions are interactive and focus on three main lifestyle topics including nutrition, physical activity and the psychology of behavior change.

If you would like to find out more about the program, please get in touch or talk to your local GP.


Corporate Wellness

At SoulBrite, we are dedicated to transforming workplaces and positively impacting people's lives. Drawing from personal experience, we understand the impact of the modern world on employee mental health and believe we have the solution.

At SoulBrite, we've crafted a proven methodology, supported by scientific evidence, to enhance health and wellbeing in the workplace. Our services cater to a diverse range of organisations, including schools, charities, social enterprises, public sector entities, small businesses, and large corporations, offering tailored employee wellbeing workshops.

Our goal is to design the most effective workplace wellbeing programs in the UK, contributing to a healthier and more balanced professional environment.

Some of the benefit of having a wellness programme in place:

  • Reduced illness and absenteeism

  • Increased ability to manage stress

  • Staff becomes more focused and committed

  • Increased motivation, productivity and performance 

  • Increased morale

  • and much more ...

Please contact me to discuss your requirements and ways we can help you to achieve them. 

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