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Healthy Green Smoothies

Welcome to Nurture & Heal! Here, my primary goal is to support individuals in their journey to getting to know themselves and their body, understanding the role that diet and lifestyle choices play in the way they feel as well as exploring and modifying their unwanted habits. Changing my limiting beliefs and the way I looked at my body, has been truly transformational in my own health journey. Please refer to the About Me section if you would like to get to know me better.

Is it for you?

In my practice I take a natural and holistic approach, supporting individuals with the following:

  • FOOD FREEDOM - building healthy relationship with food & body (healthy weight management, disordered eating patterns, emotional & binge eating, chronic dieting, etc.)

  • Prediabetes remission & DIABETES type 2 prevention 

  • NOURISHING body with the right fuel, for both physical & mental HEALTH

  • Getting CRAVINGS under control

  • Reducing fatigue and boosting ENERGY levels

  • Improving SLEEP patterns

  • Reducting impact of negative STRESS 

  • MINDSET coaching - understanding the root cause of what holds you back by unpacking self-limiting beliefs and increasing self-awareness

  • HABIT hacking - the complete guide to building lasting, healthy habits

How does it work?


I appreciate that everyone is unique. Therefore, I take a wide-angle lens to consider a full picture of lifestyle factors which can either support or undermine your health. While nutrition is something we talk about a lot here, I also take a closer look at other areas, such as physical activity, sleep and stress. Your relationships and social connections, purpose and meaning in life, the nature and quality of the environment in which you live have an impact on your health as well, more than you may think. In my practice, I apply a truly holistic approach to a person’s health, taking all these factors into account. 

As your personal Health Coach, I will help you to identify the root cause of your health concern and create a tailored plan to balance your nutritional intake, movement patterns, and other forms of self-care. I will be guiding you along the way, supporting you in building long-term healing solutions that are life changing.

I offer a variety of one-to-one or group coaching sessions, online & in person. The number and frequency of sessions are flexible, tailored to your needs and mutually agreed. For more information go to Services.

Outdoor yoga

Principles of my practice




By teaching you the principles of a well-balanced diet and living a healthy lifestyle, I aim to give you the knowledge on how the choices you make every day have an impact on your body and how you feel. Having this understanding will help you to make mindful decisions and create new, sustainable changes. 


Due to your busy everyday life, you may be lacking motivation and energy to make some lifestyle changes. Often at times, you have all the answers within yourself, however you may be feeling crushed by not knowing where to begin. My role is to partner with you and guide you on your journey to feeling less overwhelmed and more in control of your health and wellbeing.


I will help you to develop an understanding of how, by nourishing your body with a good diet (that agrees with your gut and is suitable for your body type & constitution, activity level, etc.) and adopting certain self-care routines, you can address your health concerns.


With my support in finding and applying the solutions that work for you and your body best, you will soon realise that you have the power to unlock your own capacity for healing, enabling you to become the greatest version of yourself.

Book your free 15-minute telephone consultation to learn more about how I can guide you through your health and wellness journey below.

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